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Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi


A wedding is a potpourri of emotions with fragrances that linger for long and create vivid images that are remembered long after they have passed. A complex series of small and big events laced with vibrant and sacred rituals, a wedding becomes an easiest and toughest challenge at the same time, even for the best wedding photographers. We, a Budget Wedding Photography Studio in South Delhi, will talk obviously focus on opportunities available here.

Many variables are at play when a couple is to narrow down to a professional wedding photographer and a wedding videographer among the top ones available: Testimonials, recommendations, past works, experience, costs, level of comfort felt by the couple during the first meeting and so on so forth. Then there is the task of finding best wedding photographer in South Delhi, keeping in mind the popularity this kind has earned. The more sensitive are the couple about their Big-Day, the more demanding they become while hiring the top wedding photographers.

DeVivid Photography Studio knows and understand a lot about the emotions running high having worked for couples, now satisfied life partners seeing us as their friends who knew exactly what they are looking for and delivering just that, sometimes satisfying beyond their expectations.

Candid Wedding Photographers

Clicks during a wedding demand attention to the emotions in the festive air. An expert wedding photography professional thus focuses more on originality of emotions rather than just getting those age-old rigid wedding photography poses.
When you are sorting among the best wedding photographers in South Delhi, make sure you have sorted out your requirements as these vary with every couple. The more specific the need, the better it is attended.

The journey that starts from the Engagement Ceremony goes beyond the Wedding itself for many couple as far as capturing the special moments is concerned; every event increases the wedding photography costs and thus the price of the wedding photography package, however, leaving the clients happier and more satisfied having more memories to relieve together. These packages are realistic, specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the couples, happily agreed to by the enthusiastic couples having seen us working to deliver the best results and value for money.
In recent years, wedding photography landscape in south Delhi has gone highly competitive, challenging us to evolve as more skilful, creative, active and trendy and that reflects in our long list of clients-turned-friends.

Why don’t you come along to decide how we can contribute in making you D-Day more beautifully memorable than you have imagined?


  • RAM
    “Thanks again for providing a first class service. With one of the biggest days of our lives and such a huge action packed event, we feared that we would not be able to stop and take it all in and the day would soon fade from our memories. However you’ve truly captured the essence of our day providing us with so many wonderful images.”
    "We have just returned home from our month honeymoon in Italy and we came home to the USB of our wedding photos! That was so quick!! We absolutely love all the photos - they are incredible!! You have serious talent and we were so excited to see them all and re-live what was the best day of our lives. We are so happy with them."
    "Thank you for taking some amazing photos of our wedding day. They are everything we wanted and will provide us with a lasting memory of the wedding. Thanks again"
    "Thank you for the beautiful photos. We are very happy with them and looking forward to organising our album. Thanks for making us so comfortable and relaxed on our wedding day. We appreciate all your help and your lovely shots"

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