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Your baby is one of the most precious things happened to you. You are gifted with an invaluable opportunity to see life from a new perspective and you want to savour each and every moment of it.This is where Devivid Studio comes into picture with its years of experience and tendency to deliver excellence. If you are reading this, your search for the best baby photographer in Delhi ends here.


Baby photo shoot is a very delicate art which requires immense patience and creative observation. The timing has to be just right because you cannot ask a baby to pose in a certain way or look in some specific direction. You need to be highly alert to catch the accurate activity of the baby which is in that particular moment, else a picture perfect moment is lost in a slip of nanoseconds. Then there’s the new born photo shoot, baby are mostly sleeping in this case and we photographers have to make the best of their “stationarism” without worrying about them being camera-conscious.


Too many things have to be taken care of while dealing with photo shoot of a baby, newborn or toddlers; there goes the patience to catch the moment right, thoughtfulness in best of the angles and frames, taste in increasing the cuteness quotient in the pictures, dedication to not compromise with the mediocre, and care in making the babies as well as their parents comfortable while the baby photo shoot is on. In Delhi, you would get it best with the high professionalism maintained by Devivid Studio. But you can experience this only when you give us an opportunity to create memorabilia for you.


The stages of a growing baby are curiosity for her and adventure for the parents, or say vice-versa. Every time a couple who have recently experienced parenthood are looking for studios for baby photoshoot in Delhi and come to us, we have something more than a challenge to meet and a milestone to set. We have to give you the best of your moments bracketed in colourful (or B/W, as demanded) and impressed in your hearts for not less than forever. After all, your babies will grow up sooner than you know and their cuteness and innocence would only be a part of your memories as recorded by us to be relived year after years.


Let us be a part of your parenthood celebrations!

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